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Coffin Hop Winner!

Congratulations to Nikki Christensen, who was chosen out of a hat by my son, to be the recipient of the Coffin Hop prize package. Thanks to all the followed along with the stories, shared our FaceBook page or re-tweeted our tweets. Make sure to stay active on the blog for more chances to win throughout the year!

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Truly Scary by Lori Michelle

ChemoJanuary 3, 2011, at 5 PM, I stood over the bed watching as his little body breathed, in and out, then in and shudder. I was glad he had made it out of surgery alive and was just waiting for him to wake up so we could go home.

It had been a long day already. We had arrived at 7 that morning, where they started an IV on his small arm. He cried, but I cry too anytime I am poked with a needle.  We sat for hours waiting for an available opportunity for the operating room to be free. It was hard for mom to not eat all day, let alone a 3 year old.  But he was so sick and listless that he didn’t even make a fuss.  Finally, they took him back at about 4 PM, while he cried for me.

“Mommy.  Mooommmmmyyy,” he sobbed while being wheeled down the hall.

My heart broke. My little boy was going into an operating room for a bone marrow biopsy. I only hoped the news would be good.  It had to be good, right?

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THE BROKEN URN by Gerry Griffiths

“Cameron, get over here quick!”

“Hold on.” Cameron swung his legs over the edge of the bed and shifted the phone to his other ear.

“Now! I mean it!”

“Jesus, Charlene, it’s two in the morning.”

“I know that but I did something real stupid.”

“Can’t it wait?”

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