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it-stephen-kingThe moment you have been waiting for all year has finally arrived. Nope, not Santa Claus. Nope, not Halloween just yet. It’s Unofficial Stephen King Month here at Dark Moon Digest’s Last Writes Blog.

Face it. Stephen King has had a definite influence and impact on the horror world. He is one of the authors that paved the way for horror writing. And he showed the world that the monster doesn’t always have to be a monster. Sometimes the monster is just us.

Join us all month as some of your favorite Dark Moon Digest writers talk about King’s influence. Some of them have talked about his works, some of them, his style. But they all celebrate the legend that is SK.

Sit back, relax, grab a beer, and enjoy the posts all month long.

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The King’s Tell-All Book by Manny Frishberg


So, this guy walks into a bar. He sits down next to you and orders a club soda with lime (he used to have a drinking problem, you soon learn). Then he turns to you like you were his best friend and starts out talking about this woman’s memoir and how she can recall everything in her life, it seems, but that’s not him. Before it’s all over, he’s told you two life stories (both his) and maybe more than you ever wanted to know about the nuts-and-bolts of writing, or at least what one, extremely successful middle-aged author finds works for him.

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Cindy Sprigg

Cindy Sprigg is the author of the short yet creepy tale “Much Too Late” in Dark Moon Digest 16.

1.  Where do you generally find inspiration and what prompted the story you wrote for Dark Moon Digest?

I find my stories coalesce inside my head: increasing in volume and detail until I Exorcize them by writing them down.

I created and used a horror writer in a novel and a short story. In this particular case, I had a dream in which we were comparing stories, and this was my offering.

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Marking the Years with King’s Words by Jay Wilburn

USKMI’ve read a lot of Stephen King books. I’ve read more of his work than any other author—maybe any other two or three authors’ works combined. It helps that he has written a ridiculous legacy of books and is still going. Even his more recent work speaks to me still. I enjoy his more critically bashed works in between his more seminal hits. Stephen King is finally getting recognized by the elite minds of literature that are some decades behind the rest of his readers around the world and through generations.

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