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Simply. Scary.

Kerry Alan Denney

Kerry Alan Denney is the author of “October’s Children” in Dark Moon Digest 16.

1.  Where do you generally find inspiration and what prompted the story you wrote for Dark Moon Digest?

Inspiration comes to me from all directions, including parallel dimensions and dreams, often assaulting my mind like parasitic spirits determined to impose the history of their otherworldly existence on the inhabitants of this plane in order to show us all that yes, there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. “October’s Children” was inspired by a brisk Autumn breeze in which I heard ethereal voices whispering to me, and by a dream in which, as a teenager, I encountered the diabolical ghosts of several notorious mass murderers and serial killers as they were when they were children. The unique thrill of trick-or-treating and the creepy infamous Lizzie Borden song also played a large role in prompting this creation.

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A Modern Mask by Kyle Trujillo

Before we have searched for deepest fears, our oldest rooted sense of evil or sharp mystery. Here are extremes, and between such places is where the truth often lies. We have seen the tiger, the eyes behind each harrowing mask, but what of the mask itself? In different worlds are seed and flower, though a sickly, indecorous bloom this may be. What reverberates that stuck knife? What face do we fear in this age of common intellectuality? At once we abhor regression and passing. The surreal, the unknown, and the ever present overkill. Finally, there are the stinging cerebral scars provoked by this. Today, our fear is the dead, the living dead.

Here in our intelligent time, we are afraid to become animals. Life is based upon the mind: the use of tools, cooperation, and even simple speech. Humanity exists only in the mind, so what can there be without that? Remove the mind and we are animals. Take away speech and we become monsters. A human become monster, turned beast. All we hold sacred corrupted into mindless brutality. That fellow sent after its own kind by infernal hunger: a deep and carnal need. Even while the taken are made primal, those left descend their own slope. To be forced and hunted like the prey we once chased. Prey once more; reverted past wolf and into mice. Any thought of apex will be forfeited as we hold hot  breath, praying for silent passage from the prowling killers. And even those are made into cattle to be struck down. They were ours, but no longer. With their profane rebirth, laws of this world are made foul. Wolves run down mice and are slaughtered in turn. A whole world of hunting, and death in each corner. Nothing is safe, never for long.

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Michelle Bujnowski

Michelle Bujnowski is the author of the story “Shillings” in Dark Moon Digest 15, a very dark tale that might swallow you whole.

1. Do you have a day job or are you lucky enough to write for a living? Tell us what you do.

I have a degree in geology and have worked as a full time environmental consultant for nearly five years. I have also worked as a mine contract geologist and laboratory technician. My husband is also a geologist and we have moved all over the country for work. Currently, I am preparing for the arrival of our son in April and writing fiction while I can.

2.  What prompted you to write the story that appears in Dark Moon Digest 15?

For a year I lived south of Tucson in Arizona while working for a copper mine as a contract geologist. The history of the mine and local small towns inspired the story, as well as the transition from living on the east coast where I’m from, to living in the arid climate of the southwest. Needless to say, it was not an easy transition.

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